Ingredients Edit


Directions Edit

  1. In large skillet, melt 3½ tablespoons salted butter over low heat, and cook scallions and ginger until softened, about 7 minutes.
  2. Add peas and enough water to cover ingredients.
  3. Continue cooking over low heat until peas are just tender.
  4. In saucepan, melt unsalted butter with 1 cup water.
  5. Using electric mixer, beat to thicken and form emulsion.
  6. Pour emulsion over coriander leaves in mixing bowl.
  7. Mix with electric mixer and strain.
  8. Peel grapefruit, and cut into thin segments.
  9. Cut each segment of grapefruit in half.
  10. When peas are cooked, add remaining butter and season with sea salt.
  11. To serve, arrange alternating pieces of grapefruit with portion of peas, and spoon coriander sauce around perimeter.

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