Description Edit

Barbecued chicken. In Mozambique about 4 Tbsp of hot red pepper are used in the Cafrial. In this recipe, crushed red peppers may be substituted. 1 tsp cayenne pepper will give quite a "bite," so if you prefer to hold the seasoning and add it after the chickens are cooked, cut down on the amount given.

Ingredients Edit

Seasoning Edit

Directions Edit

  1. Combine all seasoning ingredients and blend thoroughly.
  2. Rub chickens with the seasoned oil on all sides thoroughly.
  3. Roast, broil, or barbecue the chickens in your favorite manner, basting them from time to time with the seasoned oil until chickens are done.
  4. Cut chickens in half.
  5. Serve with plenty of white rice (allow 1 cup cooked rice per person).

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