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Description Edit

In the Ivory Coast, plantain holds a privileged place in the national diet and is the base of the traditional "foutou," the national dish.

Ingredients Edit

Directions Edit

  1. Peel the cassava and plantains; cut into short lengths;.
  2. Boil the cassava and plantain in unsalted water until cooked, about 20 minutes;.
  3. Cool the plantains in their cooking water;.
  4. Drain the cassava; mash in a mortar with a few drops of the cooking water to prevent it from becoming sticky; it should have the consistency of a smooth paste;.
  5. Mash the plantains separately without adding any water until smooth;.
  6. Combine the plantain and cassava; add a few drops of water if necessary to achieve the proper consistency;.
  7. Season with salt; using your hands, form the paste into balls or oval loaves;.
  8. Serve with eggplant sauce or "pépé soup".

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