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Fast and Furious Turkey Chili

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Description Edit

  • 8 servings

Ingredients Edit

Directions Edit

  1. Place onion quarters, celery, chilies and garlic in bowl of food processor.
  2. Process on high until everything is in small chunks.
  3. Make as chunky or as fine as your family likes.
  4. Pour veggies into soup pot with stock and bring to a boil.
  5. Turn heat down to medium.
  6. Place turkey in bowl of processor and grind to uniform chunks.
  7. Add to soup pot.
  8. Add lemon peel through oregano and let simmer.
  9. Place corn in food processor with a little cooking liquid and process until it is half creamy and half kernels.
  10. Pour into pot and add beans.
  11. Taste and adjust seasonings, adding salt and pepper if desired.
  12. Before serving sprinkle in half of cornmeal to pot and stir until desired thickness is reached, adding more cornmeal if necessary.
  13. Add a splash of vinegar, stir quickly and serve.

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