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Description Edit

Max's healthy Roman fat-free pizza review prompted me to send along this little quick lunch/dinner idea. My (new) husband and I are often very rushed for dinner and such, and also wanted pizza without all the fat. So, we decided to try a new twist on an old favorite - English muffin pizzas! All we did was heat up some fat-free spaghetti sauce, toast English muffins, and cover with Kraft free sharp cheddar (not really sharp, just good) cheese and mushrooms and other fat-free toppings. The sauce is usually enough to melt the cheese, but can easily be nuked. At 1 gram of fat for an English muffin (2 sides), you can't beat it! you also fill up really fast.

Ingredients Edit

Directions Edit

  1. Heat up some fat-free spaghetti sauce.
  2. Toast English muffins.
  3. Cover with Kraft free sharp cheddar and mushrooms and other fat-free toppings.
  4. If the cheese doesn't melt enough, just nuke the pizzas until it is.

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