Name Variations Edit

About Endigia Edit

Being a new variety of forced red chicory, endigia proves to be one of the most recently developed beautiful vegetable that produces striking magenta coloured leaves, which gives a mother-of-pearl visual appearance to its inner surface. This special chicory’s flavour is a delicious blend of a slight bitterness in the red areas and a refreshing sweetness in the crisp white flesh. It also offers a fresh crunchy consistency. Preparing Engidia chicory is very easy and pleasant due to the fact that this plant adds lovely colour and a great taste to mixed green salads. In the United States of America it is said that engidia is quite possibly the world’s most beautiful vegetable and it also represents a successful cross between traditional witloof white endive and two red broad-leaved chicories, Chioggia chicory and Verone chicory. This very special chicory is grown by California Vegetable Specialties and it flourishes in Rio Vista, on the Sacramento River. Endigia can be cooked, but this means that it will lose its luster and super eye appeal. In order to be stored, it has to be refrigerated in a perforated plastic bag.

Endigia Recipes Edit

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