Easy Super Bowl chili

  • 15.5 Ounce Cans:

Drain And Rinse: Kidney, Pinto, And black beans

In Crock-Pot Add: tomato Products And chili SeasoningThen Stir Together. (you May Optionally Pre-Brown TheMeat Before Adding to Crock-Pot.) Add All RemainingIngredients (beans, Onion, pepper & Meat)

Simmer on Low 6-8 Hours or on High 3-4 Hours, Stir AtTimes Double Recipe in Large Crock-Pot Requires No

Change in Cook Time Serve With Shredded Cheese And aDollop of sour cream.

Makes a Great Navajo Taco: Just Buy Frozen Scone

Dough, Thaw, Stretch And Fry. Top With chili, lettuce,tomatoes, onions, Cheese And sour cream.

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