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Easy Chocolate Spots for Kids - Valentines Day

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Easy chocolate Spots For Kids

These Cookies Are so Easy, Even The Littlest of Helpers Can Join in The Fun. Ultimately no Real Baking is Required, Just Some Quick Assembly And Cooling Time, And You'll be The Coolest Mom in Town!

You Will Need:

vanilla Wafer Cookies

Round Pretzels

Valentine Candy Hearts

Valentine M&m Candies



Preheat Oven to 200 Degrees. Place vanilla Wafer Cookies 1-Inch Apart on an Ungreased Cookie Sheet. Set a Hershey's chocolate Kiss on The Center of Each Cookie. Bake at 200 Degrees For 5 Minutes. Remove From Oven And Gently Press an M&m Candy or a Candy Heart Into The Center of The Softened Hershey's Kiss. Allow to Cool Completely to Let The chocolate Harden Again. You Can Cool in The Refrigerator, But The chocolate Will Soften Again After Coming Out of The Refrigerator. Just Allow Them to Sit Long Enough to Harden up Again.


Place Pretzels 1-Inch Apart on an Ungreased Cookie Sheet. Place a Hershey's chocolate Kiss in The Center of Each Pretzel And Bake For 5 Minutes. Remove From The Oven And Gently Press an M&m Candy or Candy Heart Into The Center of The Softened chocolate. When Pressing Down You May Need to Wiggle The chocolate Around a Little to Fill in Any Gaps Between The chocolate And The Pretzel. This Will Help The chocolate Stick to The Pretzel. Allow to Cool Completely Same as Above (cookies).

Jenn b Aka Mom2sam And Tiny

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