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General Tips Edit

  • Actually thinking of snacks as hors d'oeuvres - rather than desserts ~ will open up a whole new way of looking at this category.
  • Hint: use cucumber "coins" instead of crackers.
  • When cutting up with kids, have your children help you cut up green onions, parsley, lettuce, cheese slices, fruit, etc., using a scissors instead of a knife. Using a scissors helps coordination (yes!) and keeps them busy for a long time!

Ingredients Edit

Any of the following Edit

Directions Edit

  1. blend shortening with cottage cheese. (A blender or baby food grinder will give you a smoother consistency than whipping with a fork)
  2. Add garlic powder to taste.
  3. Refrigerate in a covered container.

Other Dips and Snacks Edit

Other quick dippies that make up in small quantities:

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