This sauce is so good it disappears quickly. It is delectable as a dessert topping over ice cream, sponge cake, or fresh pears, and is superb as the base for chocolate drinks.

Ingredients Edit

Directions Edit

  1. Combine cornstarch and cocoa.
  2. Whisk into cold water in a saucepan until there are no dry bits.
  3. Cook, stirring frequently, until mixture comes to a boil.
  4. Stir 1 minute until mixture thickens.
  5. Remove from heat, stir in sweetener and vanilla, cover and allow to cool.
  6. Store in clean jar in refrigerator up to 6 weeks.

Variation Edit

Mocha Sauce: Substitute 500 ml (2 cups) strong coffee for water in the above recipe.

Nutritional information Edit

Each serving: 45 ml (3 Tbsp)

  • 2g Carbs, 1g Protein, 12 Calories

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