About Dewberry Edit

The dewberries are part of genus Rubus, subgenus Eubatus and belong to the rosaceae family and they resemble very much with blackberries and raspberries. Dewberries are small brambles with purple or black berries. Dewberries are mostly common in the northern hemisphere and they can be found from March to august. The white dewberry flowers produce small green berries which become purple or black when they ripen. When they are ripened one may have difficulties in picking them because dewberries are very fragile and their purple juicy stains. Dewberries are used for preparing cobblers, jams, juices, pies, sauces and the tea made of dewberry leaves has numerous medicinal benefits and they are known for treating diarrhea. There are many species of dewberries such as Mayes dewberry, Aberdeen dewberry, European dewberry, Northern dewberry, Southern dewberry, Swamp dewberry, Upland dewberry and Pacific dewberry which generally have the same characteristics with small differences, for example the European dewberry, scientifically called Rubus caesius, are smaller and they have a bitter taste even when they are ripe.

Dewberry Recipes Edit

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