Deluxe Pizza Sticks


Preheat Oven to 375 Degrees. Grease 2 Cookie Sheets. Combine Pizza Crust Mix And Seasoning, Stir to Blend, Then Add Warm water to Form a Dough. Blend in Pepperoni And mozzarella Cheese. Spread Parmesan cheese Onto Flat Surface, Drop a Heaping Tablespoon of Dough Into Cheese. Roll Dough Into 7 Inch Strips. Place on Cookie Sheets. Bake For 18--20 minutes. Mix Coating Ingredients Together. After Removing Sticks From The Oven, Brush Tops With Coating Mixture, While Still Warm. Let Stand For 5 minutes. on Cookie Sheet And Remove to a Serving Plate.

This Recipe Makes 20--24 Deluxe Pizza Sticks.*

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