Date Diamonds

Ingredients Edit

Pastry Edit

Filling Edit

Directions Edit

  1. Mix margarine, flour and baking powder together and work until smooth.
  2. Mix Sugar and egg together, add to the flour and work to a smooth dough. Leave to rest for 2 hours.
  3. Put the dates with two tablespoons of water in a small pan and heat for a few minutes.
  4. Add zests and brandy and work the mixture with a fork. Open the pastry into long strips about 10 cm wide.
  5. Brush the edges with water. Put a little filling in the centre. Fold pastry.
  6. Press both edges to keep the filling in. Using a ravioli cutter cut into large diamond shaped slices about 40cms long.
  7. Cook in plenty of hot oil until golden brown.

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