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Ingredients Edit

Directions Edit

  1. Sift flour and salt into a bowl, rub in butter until mixture resembles fine crumbs.
  2. Make a well in the centre, add the combined milk and water, mix lightly with a knife until dough leaves sides of bowl.
  3. Gently knead on a lightly floured surface and then shape into a round, put on a greased oven tray.
  4. Pat into a round 15 – 16 cm (6-6½ inch) diameter.
  5. With sharp knife, cut two slits across dough like a cross, approximately 1 cm (½ inch) deep.
  6. Brush top of dough with milk.
  7. Sift a little extra flour over dough.
  8. Bake in a hot oven for 10 minutes, or until golden brown.
  9. Reduce heat to moderate and bake another 20 minutes.

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