[[Image:|thumb|300px|right|Daikon sprouts]]

Name Variations Edit

  • kaiware
  • radish sprouts
  • tsumamina
  • clover radish

About Daikon sprouts Edit

Wikipedia Article About Daikon Sprouts on Wikipedia

Shredded and dried daikon is called kiriboshi daikon (切干大根), literally cut-and-dried daikon. Pickled whole daikon is called takuan (沢庵), and often has a bright yellow color. It is claimed, but not historically supported, that a Buddhist monk called Takuan first made this pickled daikon to preserve vegetables for the long winter.

Fresh leaves of daikon can also be eaten as a leaf vegetable but they are often removed when sold in a store because they do not adjust well to the refrigerator, yellowing quite easily. Daikon sprouts, known as kaiware, are a popular garnish for salads and sushi.

Daikon sprouts Recipes Edit

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