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General overviewEdit

A category is a list page which serves to classify topics; for example, the Category:Recipes is meant to hold the individual topics, such as Awrigh01's Basil Shrimp and Roblefko's Jalapeno Mustard.

Adding your page to categories Edit

To add a page to a category, insert the link

[[Category:category name]]

to that page. For example, the category Category:Recipes includes all tests. To add Awrigh01's Basil Shrimp to this list, you would go to Awrigh01's Basil Shrimp's page and insert the link

[[Category:Recipes]] into it (yes, include the double brackets).

Category page Edit

A category page consists of:

  • editable text
  • list of subcategories; how many there are is also displayed; if there are no subcategories the header and count are not shown.
  • list of pages in the category, excluding subcategories and images; the number of items in this list is called the number of articles; if there are none the header is shown anyway, and "There are 0 articles in this category."

To create a category page, you must add a colon in front of the Category tag when you set up the page-creation link, to prevent the software from thinking you merely want to add the page you are working from to the category:

[[:Category:Category name]]

Placing the above text on working page will create the link you can use to edit your category page.

Links to categories Edit

You can create a link to a category page without adding the page to that category by using a colon before the word Category. Example: [[:Category:Recipes]] appears as Category:Recipes.

Existing categories Edit

You can see currently used categories at Special:Categories. This list is quite long though so it's not recommended to browse through it when searching for a category.

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