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Cold Armenian Yogurt-Barley Soup by Sy

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Description Edit

This delicious yogurt soup just "Hits The Spot" on a hot summers day! You can find variations of this recipe from Eastern Europe to the Middle East. I especially loved the yogurts in Turkey, Iran and Greece. If possible, try making your own home made yogurt. I use a Salton yogurt Maker and the yogurt comes out rich and creamy. However, a good substitute is the Greek yogurts found in some of the bigger supermarkets.

Ingredients Edit

  • 4 cups rich creamy high fat content yogurt
  • 2 cups already made Barley (cold)

Directions Edit

  • Mix into a nice medium thick consistency (like the thickness of buttermilk) Sprinkle some dried mint leaves on top.
  • Enjoy.

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