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Clementine-Fennel Salad with Clementine Vinaigrette

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Ingredients Edit

Dressing Edit

Salad Edit

Directions Edit

Dressing Edit

  1. Grate zest from 1 clementine, and set aside.
  2. Cut all clementines in half, and squeeze out about ½ cup juice.
  3. Combine clementine juice, vinegar, lemon juice, salt and pepper in salad bowl, and whisk with fork until salt dissolves.
  4. Add vegetable oil and olive oil in slow, steady stream, whisking well, and taste for seasoning, adding more lemon juice if too sweet.

Salad Edit

  1. Add greens, fennel, endive and clementines to bowl, and toss gently to mix with dressing.
  2. Arrange on salad plates, garnish with fennel fronds and sprinkle with pine nuts, if using.

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