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chocolate coffee Cones

Cut 6 Inch Circles From Wax Paper; Cut in Half And Shape Into Cones; SecureEdges With Tape.

Place dark chocolate Into a Pan And Melt, Let Cool Till Slightly Thickened,Then Transfer to a Ziplock Bag. Make a Tiny Hole in The Bottom Corner, AndDrizzle a Bit Into The Lower 2 Inches of The Cone. Let Cool Completely.

Melt white chocolate, And Cool Until Slightly Thickened.. Brush a ThinLayer Over chocolate Layer in Cones, Making Sure to Get The Bottom of TheCone. Chill Till Firm.

Beat cream cheese, powdered sugar, And 1 Teaspoon vanilla at High Speed TillLight And Fluffy. Add Liqueur, Beating at Medium Speed Till Combined.

Add whipping cream to Liqueurs Mixture. Place Mixture Into a Pastry Bag AndPipe Into Cones. Chill Till Firm And Ready to Serve.


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