Chinese Vegetables

celery cabbage is Also Known as napa cabbage. It's a Variety of ChineseCabbage, And You Might Find it Next to The bok choy in Your Supermarket;Otherwise, You May Need to Visit an Oriental Grocery.

Preheat oil in an Electric Wok or Large Skillet 2 Minutes, Uncovered, AtMedium. Add carrots And ginger; Cook 8 Minutes, Stirring Constantly.Push carrots up The Sides of The Wok. Add Peas; Cook 3 Minutes, StirringConstantly. Push Peas up The Sides; Add bean sprouts, cabbage, ChickenBroth, soy sauce, And sugar. Bring to a Boil; Cover And Simmer 3 Minutes.Combine cornstarch And water; Stir Into Sauce. Cook And Stir UntilThickened. Remove ginger root (if Using) Before Serving.

Serves 8

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