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Chicken Pasta Salad

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Description Edit

This is a quick and easy dish my mother came up with, its quick to prepare, and is really tasty!

Chicken pasta salad

Ingredients Edit

pepper, to taste

Directions Edit

  • Cook Pasta to packet instructions (cut 1minute off the packet instructions for'al dente' however i like to give it the bite test to see if its perfect!).
  • While the Pasta is cooking, steam or boil your Broccoli for about 15minutes, or to your liking, however i find a slightly softer texture is better with this dish.
  • Grill the Chicken, I used a foreman grill, but you can broil, bake or fry it, as long as its cooked!
  • Now this is the fun part, when everything is done, throw everything in a salad bowl except the Cheese, pour the olive oil on top (if you need more than 4tablespoons go for it, I didn't really measure it).
  • Mix!
  • Add pepper and Cheese.
  • Mix!
  • Serve warm, or chilled.

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