Description Edit

Here's a thrifty way to use up leftover cooked chicken or a bit of the holiday turkey by making Chicken à la King. Serve this over buttered toast points, rice, biscuits or baked puff pastry.

Ingredients Edit

Directions Edit

  1. Cook peas, onion, and green bell pepper in boiling water, covered, for 5 minutes.
  2. Drain and save the liquid.
  3. Blend flour with the milk.
  4. Combine vegetable cooking liquid, broth, and seasonings; slowly stir into the flour mixture.
  5. Heat the mixture until it comes to a boil while stirring constantly.
  6. Boil 1 minute.
  7. Add chicken and the cooked vegetables, mushrooms and pimento.
  8. Heat thoroughly and serve.
  9. Serves 6.

Things You'll Need Edit

  • Measuring cups and spoons
  • Saucepans
  • Cooking spoon
  • Strainer or colander

Sources and Citations Edit

  • Family Fare a Guide to Good Nutrition, #1, USDA

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