Cheez Doodles are a cheese-flavored corn snack produced by Wise Food, Inc. that are very similar to Frito-Lay's Cheetos, which debuted several years after Frito-Lay's snack in the 1950s.

Like Cheetos, Cheez Doodles came in many varieties. The currently available versions include:

  • Cheez Doodles Puffed - the original baked snack version
  • Cheez Doodles Puffed White Cheddar
  • Cheez Doodles Crunchy - the hard, crunchy fried version
  • Cheez Doodles Crunch, Reduced Fat

Wise recently made their Crunchy Cheez Doodles "cheezier." In certain circles this has been seen as a negative development in regard to the appeal of the product. In effect the quality which made them a viable alternative to Cheetos, namely their subtler and less overpowering cheese flavor, has been sacrificed to the belief that excess is best.

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