Chanda's sour cream pecan Poundcake

sour cream (small Carton)

Grease Tube Pan; Preheat Oven to 325 Degrees F. Set Two Sticks of butter Aside to Soften. Separate eggs; Beat Whites Till Stiff And Set Aside.

Cut butter Into sugar. Add egg Yolks And Beat a Little.

Measure flour; Use a Small Amount to Mix With Nuts Until They AreWell-Floured. Mix Soda Into flour. Stir flour Into Butter/Sugar/EggMixture. Add sour cream And vanilla. Can do All This With an ElectricMixer, But Now Use a Spoon to Fold in egg Whites.

Fold in Nuts And Bake Approximately 1 1/2 Hours Until Done.


==contributed by :== * World Recipes Y-Group

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