1/2 of a red onion 1 small green bell pepper (and I mean small) 2 stalks celery, leaves as well about 1 TBSP garlic, maybe more 2 tsp salt, approx 1 TBSP coarse black pepper, approx. 1 tps. cayenne pepper, approx. 2 tsp. paprika, approx. about 1/4 cup Creole mustard about 2 1/2 cups mayo TBSP or two of catsup about 1 TBSP Worcestershire sauce three jalape�os about 1 TBSP of whatever Durkee's Hot Sauce is now called white vinegar juice of half a lemon (thinking lime may be better) parsley, chopped fresh, about a small handful of picked leaves

Process in a food processor until quite unrecognizable Obviously, you can change amounts as desired.

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