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The Welsh cuisine is popular all over the globe. As we all know, the appetizers are not so difficult to cook and they are perfect to start with before lunch or diner. Creamy Crab of Cymry is a delicious Welsh appetizer, made of crabmeat. The digestive biscuits made after an old traditional Welsh recipe are tasteful and healthy also, helping the digestion process. This appetizer needs to be baked for about an hour. The Pub Mustard is another well known appetizer in the Welsh cuisine which not difficult to cook, being more like a spice that match perfectly cold cuts. For all these appetizers most of the ingredients remain the same, the basic ones in Welsh cuisine: flour, fish, butter or spices. These appetizers are served before any meal and some of them are a bit spicy because of the pepper and other condiments that will give them a specific flavor preparing the way for the real treat. The traditional Welsh Granny’s cake is a spicy appetizer which is usually served warm. The variety of Welsh recipes provides many cooking options.

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