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Tea is the favourite drink. Green and black teas are served, usually without milk or sugar. Wine and vodka are also available. In the cuisine of Uzbekistan, the most common of all beverages that you will find are: Kora Choi - Black Tea, Kok Choi - Green Tea, Airon - Yoghurt Drink and the Shirinchoi - Tea with Kaimak. Many of the traditional Uzbek beverages include a variety of different kinds of teas. There are some fruit cocktails in the Uzbek beverage category too. The yogurt drinks and some smoothies are the toppers of the list in the Uzbek beverage category. They are a delight to have during the summer time and are finely made. Some of the beverages require a little or no sugar at all, and a few of them need a little salt to be added in the beverage. Preparing the Uzbek beverages is quite simple indeed and hardly takes any time at all if you have all the ingredients near you. These beverages are extremely authentic and traditional, though with the changing times, some new beverages and drinks such as tequila, vodka and wine are now included in the cuisine of Uzbekistan.

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