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Uruguayan salads are not limited to the basic veggies, as cheese, beef and other sorts of meat are added on the ensaladas and salsas. One of the most consumed salads is the ensalada rusa (Russian salad), which is made of potatoes, English peas, carrots and sometimes mayo is added. The potatoes are boiled and then integrated in the salad and then cut into cubes, but the salad in served cold. Another traditional salad is the ensalada criolla (made of chopped tomatoes and manzana). There are also a lot of dips and salsas made in Uruguay. Among the most frequently consumed ones, there is the salsa Caruso, also known as the Caruso sauce. This recipe includes milk, flour, butter, whipping cream, grated cheese, canned and chopped mushrooms and chopped ham (out of beef or pork). The sauce is flavored with salt, pepper and nutmeg and it is served over raviolis or capeletis.

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