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The most popular Turkish dish is “Pilav”, made of rice or cracked wheat (bulgur) with chicken, fish, or vegetables such as aubergines, beans or peas. Turkish cuisine contains a variety of recipes from which the most representative ones are listed below:

  • Turkish Olive Pitta - made of pitta bread, garlic, chopped dark olives, and olive oil;
  • Turkish Bride Soup - “Ezo Gelin Ciorbasi “, made of tomatoes, butter, onions, chili paste, water, mint, cayenne pepper, and mint;
  • Turkish Liver – “Arnavut Cigeri”, made of lamb liver, flour, olive oil, fresh parsley, and cayenne pepper;
  • Turkish Stuffed Peppers – “Biber Dolmasi”, made of rice, pine nuts, olive oil, sugar, salt, boiling water, sweet pepper, mint, cinnamon, black pepper, lemon juice, tomatoes, and onions;
  • Turkish Braised Lamb – “Bahcivan Kebabi”, made of chopped boneless lamb, onions, tomato paste, green peas, pepper, carrots, and potatoes;
  • Ottoman Rice Pudding – “Sutlac”, a grain dessert made of rice, milk, sugar, flour, vanilla, and cinnamon;
  • Baklava – a Turkish and Greek dessert made of pastry, butter, sugar, almonds, cinnamon, honey, and lemon;
  • Turkish Walnut Pumpkin Dessert – “Kabak Tatlisi”, made of pumpkin, sugar, and walnuts.


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