Trinidad Tobago cuisine has a very complex history and had supported many influences over the time either they came from the Europeans, Africans, Chinese, Indian peoples or Muslims and Latin. Saying this there are few dishes easily found between the favorites.

Callaloo- a special dish made with spinach and okra. For flavoring one may always add some coconut, pigtail or crab.

Cou-cou- a dish made as a mixture of cornmeal, butter and okra. This composition is boiled and stirred till gets firm enough to be cutted into small pieces (similar to polenta). Cou- Cou generally si served with fish and callaloo.

Roti- a unique combination of ingredients made in an Indian style. A flour wrap served with vegetables or curried meat. There are many types of Roti such as Dhalpouri roti made from split peas, paratha roti and sada roti is slightly firmer, generally served with choka .


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