If one has the unique chance of knowing Trinidad Tobago’s cuisine will be surprised how many things it can learn about this country’s culture, people and traditions. Nowadays, restaurant business in Trinidad Tobago is blooming becoming something more like a business card of the country and getting satisfied many tourists during their staying there. Besides big restaurants you can find all over the country local fast food chains, but international chains also. Due to a multiethnic society Trinidad Tobago’s gastronomy is in many ways unique. Starting with the influences brought on this land by the Amerindien peoples and continuing with all the immigrants that followed them, Trinidad Tobago’s cuisine changed and evolved becoming this way unique in the world and very fascinating. Besides the traditional food that you can find it every where such as bacon, eggs or toast, there are many dishes made after special recipes and in ingenious ways. They usually have some of the finest flavors and exotic names like Buljol, which is a great dish to start your morning with. Besides that, while in a restaurant you can always ask for a Double, but you have to know that ordering this dish doesn’t mean u will get two. Another famous dish made by people from Trinidad Tobago is called Creole, a fantastic mixture of stewed peas, rice, meat that forms a perfect lunch along with some macaroni pie.


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