The duckling is a special meat, which is considered a delicacy in Tanzania. The most important recipe that includes duckling is the duckling dare es salaam, which can also be prepared with chicken or veal meat. The recipe includes onions, tomatoes, curry powder, vegetable oil and crushed red pepper and it is served with cooked bananas, rice, potatoes, cassava or ugali (a dish made with cornmeal). The Tanzanian meat stew is also served with the traditional chapatti or rice and it is served in all the African countries on the Indian Ocean coast. The Tanzanian meat stew is served as an entrée and its recipe includes beef or lamb meat, vegetable oil, lime juice, curry powder, cubed potatoes, onion, tomatoes and carrots. The seafood is represented best by the kamba wa nazi, or shrimp in coconut sauce, a dish which is especially served on the coastal region. The shrimp (kamba) is cooked just for some minutes at high heat and then coconut cream is added.

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