The Tanzanian desserts tend to be simple, like plain cakes or combined with local fruits. There is a wide range of pies, like the fruits of African pie, which is prepared with papaya, guava, apricot nectar, lemon juice, cornstarch all on a pie crust and then topped with whipped cream, coconut and peanuts. Besides the pies, there are the pancakes, which are baked very thin and prepared with honey, sugar and cinnamon. The pancakes are called chapatti majis and they are served as a cookie or with tea or coffee. The fruit compotes are also very often served and these include pineapple squash almost all the time. The fresh fruits of the region, consumed fresh, are a simple dessert, but coconut is spread an almost anything and the combinations between the local fruits and pineapples tend to be the most consumed ones. Fruits are also served as a drink called squash, which is traditional to all African regions.

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