The Tanzanian appetizers range from simple and fresh to complicated and baked meals, with complex recipes and tastes. Ugali is a simple recipe and very consumed all through the day. Ugali can be made of cornmeal grits, buckwheat grits, but in Tanzania, ugali is made of farina or cream of wheat. Couscous is also prepared in Northern America as an ugali and it is boiled in chicken or beef broth and served with any kind of meat. Depending on the region, there is light ugali made with cornmeal flour and there is a darker ugali made with millet flour, but also peanuts. The chapatti is served with African curries, butter, any kind of soup or stew, so it makes a great snack. The recipe includes all-purpose flour or whole wheat flour, warm water, salt and cooking oil. An interesting appetizer is chewing cloves: all the guests receive cloves before the meal.

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