The specific Tahitian meals are generally light: Tahitians usually eat 3 meals per day, consisting in a light breakfast (bread and hot drink) and dinner (vegetables, fish) and a more complex lunch in the middle of the day, including appetizer or soup, main course and dessert. The Tahitian cuisine is focused on the local vegetables and fruits and on fish dishes. The fruits are used as garnish for meat, just like the vegetables, as Tahitian cuisine promotes the sweet taste a lot. The main fruits and vegetables are: bananas, breadfruits, roots, taros and sweet potatoes. The bananas exist on the island in many varieties, from both the look and the taste point of view: the rio or hamoa bananas are sweeter and often eaten as fresh fruits, while the mahoi and the fei are mostly used for cooking. An innovating combination is banana and lime juice or sauce, served with different meats.


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