The most remarkable elements of the Swiss cuisine are of course the cheese and the chocolate. Switzerland is worldwide known for its delicious milk and dark chocolates, as well as for the select types of cheese, such as Emmental cheese, Gruyère, Vacherin, and Appenzeller. Cheese can be served as an appetizer, a snack or even dinner of served with bread. Bread comes available in many forms, mixed with herbs and vegetable oils to add a different taste or flavor. Chocolate is available in variation of mixtures, prepared usually by original recipes specially invented by chefs that pride themselves with these recipes.

Among the main dishes, the fondues are the most famous ones, followed very closely by the raclette, the quiches, and rosti potatoes.

The Riesling is a worldwide known wine produced in Switzerland. Wines are an important part of the Swiss cuisine, being served at almost every meal. Apple juice is also specific for all Switzerland’s parts.


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