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Here are a few of the most popular Swedish soups. You can expect to find such sup names both at a traditional Swedish meal and in a Swedish restaurant.

  • Salmon Soup - A cream soup with salmon, potatoes and onion, flavored with dill and parsley.
  • Mutton Stew - Includes root vegetables and cabbage and is flavored with ginger and pepper.
  • Nässelsoppa - Stinging nettles are found in few cuisines outside Sweden.
  • Orkdal Soup - A lamb and rice soup with carrots, cabbage and a bit of onion.
  • Meat Stew - meat, potatoes, carrots and onion. The use of canned cream of mushroom and cream of tomato soup makes this easy to throw into the crockpot before you leave for the day.
  • Scandinavian Yellow Pea Soup - This recipe includes carrots, potatoes, onions, Danish or Canadian bacon, and Vienna sausages.
  • Yellow Pea Soup (Ärtsoppa) - An authentic Swedish-style recipe, just peas, water, salt, onions and a bit of herbs. You can add pork or lamb if you don't want the vegetarian version.
  • Chilled Beet, Orange and Dill Soup - A cold soup for the buffet table, resonating with Swedish-favorite flavors of beets, dill and orange.

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