Sudanese people especially like the beef and lamb meat. Shorba is one of the most traditional meat dishes and it is based on lamb meat (and lamb bones); shorba also means puree of lamb Khartoum, but it actually looks like a soup. The medium puree is sparked with peanut butter and lime juice – sometimes it includes rice, but not when it is served as an appetizer. Other ingredients of the shorba are: carrots, cabbage, string beans and garlic. The maschi, or also called stuffed tomatoes with chopped beef is prepared with cucumbers and eggplants, as well and it is served with a dark red tomatoes` sauté – this meal is also served with rice. The koftahs are specific for all Arabian dishes. These are the local names for the ground meatballs, made of onion, beef, and bread and spiced with salt and pepper. The meats are sometimes served with shata; this is a hot spice accompaniment, made of mashed garlic, black pepper and lime.

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