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Sudanese cuisine is characterized by a continuous evolution, with distinctive regional cuisines and important influences for the Ethiopians, Turkish and Egyptians. The most common aliments are wheat, beef and sheep meat, tomatoes, sesame seeds, corn, cucumbers and rice. Among the most common meals, there are the fish dishes, which are consumed with rice or porridge, the Turkish ones (meatballs, pastries and spices), dried okra in stews like waika, bussaara and sabaroag or moukhbaza (banana paste). Sudanese people love tomatoes, lentil and veggies, but also the intense flavors, such as onion and garlic, so they use all these aliments in their traditional soups, salads, dips and garnishes. In the centre of the country, there is the fassikh, made of fish with onions and tomatoes sauce. In this region, the Egyptian influences are very obvious. The porridge is locally called aseeda dukhun, which is served with a dry meat stew, called sharmout abiyad.


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