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The most popular drink in Sudan is tea, but Sudanese also love fruits, which they transform in all kind of juices: Tabaidi, Aradaib, Karkadai and Guddaim. When a guest arrives for dinner, the host offers a small glass of orange or grapefruit juice, to start the appetite. Cinnamon tea is very much consumed at Sudanese family dinners. This is made like a typical English tea, but it is infused until it gets a bright orange color and then stick pieces of cinnamon are put in it, along with lump sugar. Actually, Sudanese people enjoy drinking a very sweet black tea, sweeter even than the Egyptian one. The hibiscus tea is called karkadeyh (meaning red) and the coffee is similar to the Turkish one: thick and strong, with cardamom or ginger. The alcohol is forbidden, due to the Islamic religion, but a local type of beer is available in the south: Merissa. Other illegal drinks include the aragi (pure sprit from sorghum) and other high degrees distilled beverages.

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