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Given its complexity, this category includes cold beverages, hot beverages, energy beverages, and alcoholic beverages. As far as cold beverages are concerned, it is obvious that Sri Lankan people drink a lot of fresh fruit juice, especially juice containing mango, lime, pineapple, and papaw. Sometimes they prefer adding some sugar, but usually, due to the fact that the fruits are sweet enough, being a real source of health and energy, the juice is sugarfree. Coconut water which is also called coconut juice is known to be the best for the elderly and even for the sick. Another popular Sri Lankan cold beverage is faluda, which is a combination of milk and rose syrup with poppy seeds. It has a more interesting taste if you add bits of jelly, or vanilla ice cream. However, on the ‘drinks’ market spring water has gained an important place.

The most popular representative of Sri Lankan hot beverages is tea, particularly ‘Ceylon Tea’, which is known to be the best in the world. In Sri Lanka people are used to drink tea with a lot of sugar and milk. Nevertheless, Sri Lanka also produces fine coffee, but it is not as popular as tea. If you think of hot Sri Lankan beverages, certainly you think of herbal drinks containing ranawara, or pol para which are said to be very healthy. In case you have a cold, it is indicated that you should drink coriander seeds boiled with ginger. Energy beverages include kanji which is made from leaves like gotukola and hathawariya. The juice of these leaves are extracted and boiled with rice and then added salt and garlic.

Sri Lankan Beverages are mainly boiled plant parts which posses an ayurvedic value. People rarely drink fresh drinks. Such as young coconuts, either green or orange color, Oranges, Limes, etc. Tea, with milk or without milk, is the main drink not as a ayurvedic drink but as a day to day beverage for refreshing. However in rural areas there are other kinds of drinks and tea is not popular since tea is expensive.

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