The diversity in culture of the South Africans, called the Rainbow nation, has led to diversity in cuisine dishes. Still, the main meals include starch and stews in most regions of the country. The cuisine heavily relies on meat dishes and its staples are the Biltong, a spicy form of dried jerky, the Bobotie, a spicy Malay pie dish, and the Potijekos, prepared in social gatherings called braai. Being sourounded by the Atlantic and Indian oceans, The South African cuisine includes a lot of seafood specialties, and a range of odd fish dishes, such as baked kingklip, grilled, deep fried or smoked snoek fish.Saccava and yams are the main root vegetables used in the South African cuisine, and exotic fruits and vegetables are served steamed with hot spices as side dishes fro seafood meals. Some of the staple dishes in this cuisine include Cape meat balls and Malay kebabs, prepared with corn flour, ground turmeric and both beef and pork meats, Gesmoorde Snoek, crayfish salad, Chicken pies, and lamb curries. Also, yellow rice is very much used as a side dish, and the crumbly pap is a special side dish prepared since ancient times in the South African cuisine.


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