Somali meals are generally meat driven. Vegetarianism is relatively rare. Vegetables are often side dishes accompanying a meat dish, such as combining potatoes, carrots and peas with meat and making a stew. Green peppers, spinach and garlic were also noted as the types of vegetables most commonly eaten. Bananas, dates, apples, oranges, pears and grapes are among some of the more popular fruits (a raw, sliced banana is often eaten with rice).

Plantains in Coconut Milk is made from plantains and it is a delicious accompaniment for any curry dish. Its main ingredients include plantains, mild curry powder, cinnamon, powdered cloves, coconut milk, salt and butter.

Green Tomato Chutney is another great vegetarian dish. It is done by mixing chopped tomatoes and onions with sugar, vinegar, salt and spices. The mixture is heated, stirring, until the sugar has just about melted, then brought to the boil until the mixture is thick.

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