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The most famous Slovenian desserts are the strudels and the pancakes and both of them often include apples: mashed, sliced or fresh. The jabolcni zavitek is with apple filling and the siroy zavitek has cheese and raisins inside. The carski prazenec is served with apples, too, the upside down pie is with sour apples and the apple crisp and apple cake are highly sweet, juicy and flavored with cinnamon. Cheese is also used a lot for the cottage cheese dough pie, the marmalade triangles or the mango cheesecake. The torta plava laguna or the Blue lagoon cake is filled with hazelnuts, almonds and breadcrumbs. These nuts are very much used in the Slovenian desserts, in most of the cakes, waffles or ice-creams. Chocolate is also used for the waffles (napolitanke), the Salzburg spoon sweets (solnograski zlicniki) or the mostaccioli with nuts. Among ice-cream, the most famous one is the Peanut Buster Parfait Frozen Dessert, with American influence, with crushed cookies and vanilla ice-cream.

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