As the appetizers do not present importance to most of the Slovaks, the soup may represent the first dish of a meal. Soups are served in deep plates, in Slovakia. People seem to have created many recipes for soups. One of the most popular is cesnaková polievka, a soup based on garlic. This particular soup can be created using two techniques. After using the first one, the resulting soup is simmilar to Spanish garlic soups, while the other method makes use of cream, besides the main ingredient. Kapustnica is a Sauerkraut soup made from sausages, garlic, mushrooms and plums. The enumeration of these ingredients might seem strange for the foreigners, but in Slovakia, Kapustnica is considered to be a delicacy. The Slovakians have inherited from the Hungarians a recipe that is popular all over the Central Europe. Goulash is a soup that contains meat, tomato, garlic, potatoes and paprika. Another famous soup across Slovakia is the bean soup. As the cabbage can be found in every season, the cabbage soup cannot miss from the meals of the Slovaks.

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