One of Singaporeans` favorite snacks is the Jiaozi – or wanton of the North, which can be made in different ways, but following the same pattern: meat or vegetables wrapped in a thin, multilevel dough. this is also served in Taiwan and Japan, where it is known under the name of gyoza. Another snack is the popiah, made with spring roll wrap, yarn bean, carrot, lettuce and tofu and spiced with coriander. There can be found many types of rolls in Singapore, like Cantonese choon Queen, also loved by the Vietnamese. The rojack (from the Indonesian rujak, meaning mixture) is a salad / snack, which is a very intensely flavored, colored and smelly meal, representing all Southeast Asia. This contains 2 kinds of beans, pineapple, fried bread, plus a special sauce, made of peanut, sugar, chilly and shrimp paste. The roti prata snack, also eaten in India is served in most of the coffeehouses with strong Indian milk tea (Teh Tarik).

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