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The province of Sindh is famously known for its food preparations. Sindhi Vegetarian dishes are specially prepared using fresh vegetables, ghee and a blend of spices. Most young and adults like these dishes, as they taste good and are nourishing. The Sindhi vegetarians dishes are prepared in all seasons throughout the year and is served alone or as a part of the meal. The people visiting the Sindh region always try the Sindhi Vegetarians items and fully appreciate the delicate cooking and great savor.

One vegetarian dish that is seldom cooked and served in the Sindh region is Potatoes paste which is locally called “Alo- ka- bhurta”. Made out of fresh potatoes, which are baked and then mixed with onions, tomatoes, green chili and spices and cooked in ghee this vegetarian items is served hot with the local chapatti (bread) and is well liked by people.

The people of Sindh enjoy hot and spicy foods and therefore a very popular Sindhi Vegetarian dish is “Tali huye mirch”. Filling green chili with spicy chutney made out of garlic paste and adding curd and salt to it makes this vegetarian item a must have for any spicy food lover.

Spicy Eggplant (brinjals), which is locally called “begharay began”, is a specialty of the province of Sindh made using fresh butter, salt and sprinkle, garlic paste, onions and red chili. Its cooked till perfection and served hot and peppery. The dish is served also in special occasions such as weddings and festivity.

Sindh vegetarians Chutney is also a vegetarian cooking that is eaten in every season and is served with other food items. Having chutney along side the other cooking and especially during hot summers make it a highly likable vegetable item as it makes the food offering more appetizing and spice up the food offering. Mango chutney, onion chutney and green chili chutney is very famous vegetarian items.

The most likable item that is easily made and is very nutritious is “Palak Aalo”. This vegetarian dish is a mixture of Spanish, potatoes, onions, green chili and spices. It is cooked in fresh ghee or tenderly baked in oil. Sometime meat is also added in the Spanish to make this meal a full course food. The food item is served in all seasons and is eaten with tandoor ky roti (bread) or is eaten with rice.

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