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Although the region of Sindh is the dry part of country, which enjoys only a mild cold, winter but the Sindhi Soups are much liked by the populace of the region, as they are light, wholesome and very flavorsome. They are cooked traditionally using the seasoned spices and meat, which are readily available in the region. Also the soups are prepared exclusively in hotels and café’s through out the region.

Soups made out of chicken, tomatoes and onions are rich in taste and sold in restaurants and local café through out the country. Chicken corn soup is also prepared using the traditional Sindhi flavors which includes fresh corns, minced seasoning and spices of preferences. Chicken Corn soup is consumed in winters as well as summer and is also made locally at homes.

Palak ka soup (Cream of spinach soup) is also a tasty eatery, which is very appetizing and is made using Spanish, butter, milk and cream. It is served hot mostly as appetizer before a regular meal and is delicious in flavor and trouble-free to make. The soup is normally available at restaurants at a very rational charge.

Vegetables Soups are also readily made in the region and is also served in restaurants and local café. Since the region is rich in agricultural portions therefore the soup is made using fresh and healthful vegetables, which include but is not limited to the use of carrots, potatoes, chili’s, tomatoes, onions etc. At homes the soups are made habitually as it’s a reasonably priced eatery, which is enjoyed by the whole family.

One of the soups that is simply the most consumed eatery is the chicken egg drop soup which is known as “ Chicken key Yakhni”. In the winter season most people can be find enjoying this tasty soup which is very simple to make but is pure in taste and fulfilling when its come to appetite.

In Sindhi soups the most important ingredient is egg and corn and with these two a mixture of soups are made using the local methods and adding spices, flavors and meat. Therefore when it comes to taste and diet there is no better substitute for health conscious people than the Sindhi Soups.

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