In Sindhi cuisine, there are several recipes that are quite easy yet interesting to follow. One dish that is interesting to follow and reflects Sindhi cooking methods along with the use of Sindhi ingredients is Sindhi kadi.

The procedure for cooking Sindhi Kadi includes:

First, soak the tur dal in water for around 30 minutes. Next, cook the soaked tur dal in a pressure cooker for around 10-12 minutes. It should be cooked along with the halved tomatoes and a couple of glasses of water.

Next, strain out the water from the boiled mixture, and allow the leftover pulp to cool. Once it is cooled, you will be able to squeeze out the soup. You should then add water to this stock and place it aside.

Heat the required quantity of oil in a heavy-based vessel for a few minutes. Then add the cumin seeds, asafoetida powder, fenugreek seeds and the green chilies. Fry this for a minute, and then add in gram flour, and then re-fry for a few minutes more. After this it is time to add red chili powder and turmeric powder. You then need to fry the gram flour so that it becomes turns a bit brown.

Now, add in the stock and stir it well. Then, add the curry leaves, ladyfingers, cluster beans, the kokum and salt. This whole mixture should be allowed to boil on a slow flame for around an hour and a half. This lengthy and slow boiling process enables all the vegetables to be softened. It also helps to absorb the spice flavor. Once this is done, Sindhi Kadi is ready to serve. Truly, this makes a great dish, and is one of the best recipes in Sindhi cuisine.


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