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The Sindhi cuisines are best known for the Sindhi meat dishes. These are tenderly cooked meat items, which are delicately cooked in ghee and served with the various forms of bread such as naan, paratha, tandoori and roti. They are also part of the standard meal in almost every household in sindh. Since the region is fully endorse in its religious and cultural value so the meat dishes are prepared using meat of goat, lamb, cow and chicken while the use of pork meat is strictly prohibited.

The different form of Sindhi meat kebab is the most famous Sindhi meat dishes. Made out of spices, green chili and garlic paste this dish is made using meat of lamb and chicken and the most famous meat kebabs that are served in most restaurants in sindh are sheek kebab, chicken kebab, beef kebab and boti kebab. These hot and spicy food items undeniably increase the craving of the visitor at a typical Sindhi meat meal.

Beef biryani is also prominently served in restaurants, at home and in different occasions and celebrations through out the region. The dish is a blend of beef cooked in seasonal spices and ghee and blended with rice and food colors. This is a traditional Sindhi meat item and is famously called “Sindhi Biryani”

Sindhi Meat Nehari is traditional food offering of the region and is served hot with locally made bread (roti). This very tasty meal item and is in the main dishes of almost every cuisine of the region. It is prepared using meat, which is chopped, fried and mingled with salt, chili powder and dhaniya powder which is grinded together with the self made nihari spices and water is added to the paste after which it is left on heat to be tenderize on a low flame. Served hot with fresh Ginger and green chilies the food tastes greats and always gather a crowd to have this delicious meal.

Mutton Korma, which is an appetizing meal, made out of mutton, black pepper, dhaniya powder, spices, onion, tomatoes and yogurt is served in restaurants, made at home and is served as an essential food offering in parties and wedding function. Since the people of Sindh prefer spices therefore this dish is usually hot and is served with chutney and roti.

Aloo ghost is a meat dish which is mostly made at homes and the cookery is made up of mutton, potatoes, chili powder, ginger, seasonal spices, salt and onions. It is a very delicious and nutritious food items, which is made in all seasons of the region.

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